Payment Plan and Auto Pay Authorization Agreement
Last Updated on June 20th, 2019
Payment Plan and Auto Pay Authorization Agreement
These Terms and Conditions constitute a legally binding contract between you (collectively, “you” or the “STUDENT”), on the one hand, and Adwizar Technologies, LLC., (“we” or “Adwizar”), on the other hand.
Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. 
This payment plan and Auto Pay authorization agreement is for a goods purchase and advanced access to the Adwizar Academy Course: Mastering Business Affluence.
By clicking “Yes! Join the Program” You have selected the four (4) payments of the amount you selected or have subscribed to our subscrition plan for undergrad accelerator, you are opting into using the AutoPay services and you accept and agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions herein.
Payment Plan Terms. This is not a subscription and can not be cancelled after 15 days of your original purchase (Please refer to the refund policy terms and conditions for refund qualifications.) This is a purchase where you have been given advance full access to the course and have agreed to make one (1) initial payment of the amount you select and three (3) monthly consecutive payments of $amount you selected, in addition to any up-sale product that you have purchased. 
Payment Plan Schedule. After you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of this payment plan and have selected “Yes! Join the Program” The first payment will be withdrawn immediately using the card you placed on file. then you authorize Adwizar to process the card you have on file every 30 days thereafter until the remaining three (3) payments have been successfully processed and received.

undergrad accelerator is a subcription that can be cancelled at anytime.
Account Access: Adwizar reserves the right to suspend your access to the course for delayed, declined, disputed and delinquent payments. Once payment(s) are processed and received up to date, account access will be restored within 3 to 5 business days.
AutoPay. AutoPay is a service provided by Adwizar Technologies by which the STUDENT will have STUDENT’s invoices paid automatically per the legally binding Payment Plan Agreement between Adwizar Technologies and the STUDENT.
1. AUTOPAY. You have selected the installment plan option for your purchase and are enrolling in Adwizar Technologies AutoPay service to pay your outstanding invoices automatically charged to the credit card designated by you on a recurring Monthly basis from the time you enroll until all four (4) payments have been successfully completed or you indicate to us that you want the automatic charges to stop and we have had a reasonable time to implement your instructions. By enrolling and inputting your credit card information, you represent and warrant that you are the person whose name appears on the credit card, that you are authorized to use the credit card, that you have a sufficient unused credit limit to cover any charges that may be made using AutoPay, that the information you provide is correct, and that you will notify us in any change in the above, and you further make each of these representations and warranties each time you have a transaction that will be paid through AutoPay.
2. REVOCATION. You have the right to revoke Adwizar Technologies authorization to automatically charge your designated credit card for payments. To cancel automatic payments, Log into your account and select the blue “NEED HELP” button at the bottom right hand corner, select “ASK” and in the subject line, type, “REVOKE PAYMENT AUTHORIZATION”. You may also click here: HTTPS://SPECTACULARACADEMY.HELPSCOUTDOCS.COM/ and submit this request during regular business hours
You will then be responsible for making timely payments online via ACH, Wire, Check, Paypal or Credit Card on or before your monthly due date. You understand that if payments are not received on or before your due date, your account access will be subject to suspension until payments are received. If payments due are not received within 30 days, your account will be subject to additional late fees and further collections. 
3. CHANGE OF CREDIT CARD. You must notify Adwizar Technologies of any change in your credit card number or expiration date to have your bill paid using your new card. To update your credit card, please visit our Web site at Type in the credit card you would like to use and the email address associated with your account and click SUBMIT.
4. PAST DUE INVOICES. Adwizar Technologies will continue to attempt to process payments for Outstanding invoices every 3 days after a payment is due until the payment is successful and completed or until we have received a formal request to remove the credit card information we have on file.
5. CUSTOMER INFORMATION. In order to ensure that we are able to provide you with important notices and other information from time to time, you must update us with any change in your e-mail address. To update the e-mail address on your account, Log into your account and select the blue “NEED HELP” button at the bottom right hand corner, select “ASK” and in the subject line, type, “EMAIL UPDATE”. You may also click here: HTTPS://SPECTACULARACADEMY.HELPSCOUTDOCS.COM/
6. CUSTOMER AGREEMENT. The terms and conditions of your Customer Agreement apply to the Online Bill Payment Services (AutoPay or Regular Pay) and are incorporated by reference here. Currently Adwizar Technologies offers this service to you free of charge; however your bank may charge a fee.
7. UNABLE TO PROCESS PAYMENT. Should the payment be returned, declined, delayed or charged back ,Adwizar Technologies holds the right to charge STUDENT a $50 rejected transaction fee, void the payment plan and require the student to pay the remaining balance in full and revoke access to the course until payment is received.
8. MISCELLANEOUS. These Terms and Conditions represent the entire Payment Plan and AutoPay agreement and understanding between the parties. This Agreement is binding upon the parties and their successors. Student may not alter, modify or amend Agreement. 
9. Governing Law. This entire agreement is bound by the laws of the state of California, USA.
STUDENT has carefully read the entire Agreement, and STUDENT understands the meaning and effect of each and every provision of this Agreement. STUDENT is duly authorized and empowered to accept these Terms and Conditions.
Electronic Signatures and Agreements

You acknowledge and agree that by clicking on the button labeled "YES! JOIN THE PROGRAM”, SUBMIT", "DOWNLOAD", "I ACCEPT" or such similar links as may be designated by the Company to accept the terms and conditions of these Terms, you are submitting a legally binding electronic signature and are entering into a legally binding contract. You acknowledge that your electronic submissions constitute your agreement and intent to be bound by this Agreement. Pursuant to any applicable statutes, regulations, rules, ordinances or other laws, including without limitation the United States Electronic Signatures in Global and National.

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